Connecting wealth to life

Essential Investing

Current Income Solutions

These solutions are designed to provide the investor with a growing income stream whilst also growing the capital over the long term.

Essential Lifestyle Solutions

These lifestyle goals are essential so the investment solutions are managed with a specific risk strategy to enhance the probability of achieving specific returns over short, medium and long investment horizons.

Aspirational Investing

Aspirational Lifestyle Solutions

These goals are aimed at improving the investor's lifestyle and are not considered essential. As such, they will not negatively affect the investor's current standard of living which means that these investment solutions are then managed to ensure that the return is optimised for the risk.

Future Income Solutions

These investment solutions are designed to grow capital over the medium-to-long term with the aim of producing a future income.

Discretionary Investing

High Growth Solution

This investment solution is designed to generate the highest possible return by using multiple asset classes, both locally and offshore. The flexibility offered by this solution, in terms of allocating capital to different asset classes without any constraints, allows for investment in assets that offer the best value at any given point in time.

Global Investment Solution

The global investment solution is designed for a high level of return by investing in asset classes, geographic regions and global sectors that present the best value at a given time without any constraints.