The benefit of perspective and different strokes

We recognise that all your goals are not the same; they have different meaning, significance and consequences for your life.
You need investment solutions that take this into consideration.

We manage investment solutions that follow different strategies; each dependent on whether the goal is essential to maintaining your standard of living, aspirational to improve your standard of living or discretionary, aimed at creating opportunities to increase your wealth. Our goals-based investment solutions provide the paint and the brushes that enable you to paint your life’s work of art on the canvas of life.

ESSENTIAL GOALS (Lifestyle risk)

These are goals that require the highest probability of success because they will have an immediate effect on your current standard of living. They includes investments that are aimed at providing current income or finance lifestyle expenses that are essential. Investment solutions used for these kinds of goals should therefore reduce the uncertainty of the outcome and provide more predictable returns.


If you defined the essential goals as 'needs', these goals could be called 'wants'. These are goals aimed at painting your dreams. These investments should provide you with an opportunity to improve your lifestyle. Because these are not essential goals it means the investment solutions used for these goals are to designed to optimise the return in relation to risk and to grow the investment at an appropriate rate given the investment horizon.


Discretionary investments should provide the investor with an opportunity to create wealth or leave a legacy. These investments aim to achieve the highest return and their exposure to the ups and downs of the markets make them ideal for long-term investment horizons.