Outcomes-based discretionary fund manager

Amity Investment Solutions is an independent, privately-owned investment management company and leading outcomes-based discretionary fund manager. We are an authorised financial services provider (FSP 29661).

We provide outcomes-based investment solutions that are designed and managed to enhance the probability of specified outcomes, helping people invest money to finance life events. Our outcomes-based investment solutions enable and equip professional investment advisors to provide an integrated life-centred wealth management value proposition to their clients.

Financial advisors that partner with Amity are passionate about improving their value proposition, service delivery and financial planning experience to their clients and we have advisor partners across South Africa. We provide investment solutions and support to advisors with total assets under advice of more than R10 billion, serving more than 20 000 clients.

Amity Investment Solutions has been providing investment solutions and peace of mind to professional financial advisors since 2007. We launched our first CIS funds in 2008 and have subsequently grown into a full-fledged Discretionary Fund Manager with a range of specialised outcomes-based model portfolios and CIS funds.


Constantly look for ways to connect wealth to life

We are continuously motivated by our core purpose: Enriching others to realise their full potential.

This ideology focuses our actions to consistently identify ways in which we can add value to investors, professional advisors, product providers and the Amity team.

As a leading discretionary fund manager

Our main objective

To enhance people’s financial wellbeing by delivering investment solutions that enable them to achieve their life goals.


is built on four core values


We embrace trust through six critical components; character, competence, intent, commitment, communication and results.


All our actions are guided by continuously striving for improvement and the delivery of excellence in both the services we offer and in our relationships with stakeholders.


Partnership implies a relationship of care, shared values and a responsibility towards each other. We believe that sustainable relationships can only be built if all parties benefit from them. We firmly believe in win-win relationships.


We are deeply aware of the fact that we are custodians of other people’s money. Connecting wealth to life is our motto and we are cognisant of the consequences our decisions have on people’s lives. Our approach to managing money entrusted to us is to do so with care and a great sense of responsibility.


Over the years a group of highly skilled and dedicated individuals have joined Amity Investment Solutions with one common objective, to add value to investors and our adviser partners. Our team has expertise in wealth management, investment management, business management, coaching, administration and compliance. We place a high value on skills development and consistently invest in and encourage our team to develop their skills and knowledge in their respective fields.


The Amity team is lead by:

Marius van der Merwe

Chief Executive Officer
Email: marius@amity.co.za

Ian Hutton

Chief Operating Officer
Email: ian@amity.co.za

Jessica Anne Fannin

Investment Research Manager
Email: jessica@amity.co.za

Tanya Coetzee

Advisor Experience Manager
Email: tanya@amity.co.za